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Welcome to the Workplace Solutions Forum

The workplace is changing. We are all working differently and have access to more technology and cloud hosted services than ever before. Xerox Workplace Solutions helps you securely connect your technology without sacrificing convenience, security and affordability.

The Forum is a place to read announcements and post your questions about the Workplace Solutions.


Important Notice: Xerox Mobile Link is no longer supported and is being removed from the mobile app stores If you already have Mobile Link installed on your devices the app will continue to work but will not be maintained for new products, OS updates or security updates.
Xerox remains committed to providing innovative ways to enhance productivity through mobile devices.
For some great alternative productivity enablers please consider
Xerox Workplace App - to get more out of your printer through your mobile, for your print, scan, and copy needs.
Xerox Workflow Central - for document conversion and routing from your mobile and much more.
We hope you will enjoy discovering these two great alternatives which will help to bring even more feature rich capabilities and productivity improvements to you daily work life.