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Xerox Employee
Xerox Employee

Re: "Unable to release job" - problem when sending jobs from Macbook

Please submit a support ticket to diagnose the issue.  The team will need to review the logs from the MAC client system to determine what is going on.  I will send you a link for the support submission site.

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New Member
New Member

"Unable to release job" - problem when sending jobs from Macbook


we have very annoying problem with a client of ours. They have a set up of 4 AL C8145, connected in Xerox Workplace Cloud. When they sent a job from Windows PC everything is fine, but when they use MacBook - very often they can't release the job from the printer - the error is :"Print job failed. Unable to release the job. Please verify that the Workplace Cloud Client on your computer is conected and online before attemting to release this job again...". Sometimes everything is working OK, the next day - "Unable to release job.." . At the moment, Local Print Optimization settings are set to - "Enabled with Cloud Backup" . We tried also "Enabled without Cloud Backup" with same success.

Any ideas?

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