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Xerox Employee
Xerox Employee

Re: single sign on

The basic steps to use SSO are:

1. Enable the SSO feature for your XWC company account.

2. Enable authentication on the printer via the XWC web portal (on the Printer grid).  If it's already enable, try disabling and saving...wait for it to apply, then enable and save.

3. Log into the printer via XWC (badge, alternate login, mobile unlock).

4. Select the SSO capabile app (e.g. Connect for OneDrive).

5. You will have to enter credential once.  After logging into the app, you should get asked if you want to save your authentication data.  If you don't get this screen, check the following printer setting:  SNMP GET Community string.  This setting MUST be set to PUBLIC.

If you still have problems after the above, please submit a support request to Xerox using the normal support channel for your region.

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single sign on

I have a versalink c405 and trying to set up SSO on work place cloud,can someone show me the complete process of getting this setup,I have an active workplace cloud account and have bought a license and entered it into my workplace account and enabled the SSO and about 25 different apps are listed as registered apps and the status shows "active" for all of them,however it doesn't make any difference on my xerox machine ,I still need to enter all my login info before I can do anything on that particular app,what am I missing

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