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Xerox Employee
Xerox Employee

Re: Unable to reset confirmation number


Sorry to hear you are having issues.  I assume that there is at least one interface configured to use confirmation numbers (web portal, printer authentication, EIP App login, mobile app)?  This is not something we will be able to diagnose via the forum.  Please submit a support ticket to that we can investigate further.  I will send you information separately on where you can do this.


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Unable to reset confirmation number

When attempting to reset a confirmation number for a user, the following message appears: Unable to reset confirmation number, this service is not available, please try again later.

I have been able to perform this action in the past, around two weeks ago. I'm not aware of any system changes that would have occured in the last two weeks which would affect communication with the print server. I've restarted the print server and have attempted to reset the confirmation number for other users. I've been able to sucesfully send myself a test email from the XWS, so am now unsure as to where the problem lies. Any help would be appreciated. I've attempted to reset the confirmation numbers on several occasions over the psat few days and the service is still showing as not available. All other print functionality across our organisation appears to be working normaly such as log ins and print queues etc.

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