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Xerox Employee
Xerox Employee

Re: Workplace suite migration - Server name


This is from the XWS Advanced Analyst Guide:

Single Server Hostname Change

The Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) of the XWS server in a single server configuration is very essential.  This name is at the heart of the communication for most modules such as XWS to DCE, XWS to Print Server, and others…

When the hostname of the XWS server is changed, a sequence of steps must be followed to ensure that the server remains properly operational.  The hostname of the XWS system should always be the FQDN when entered in any XWS field.

Once the server name is changed and the Windows Operating system is restarted, this sequence of steps must be executed

  1. Navigate to Company -> Maintenance -> System Health Dashboard
    • Here you will see both the old and the new server name.  The old server should show invalid connections and warnings across the various line items.  In addition, there should be a “remove” button near the server name.  Click the remove button.
  2. Navigate to Company -> Policies -> Printer
    • Check the value at “Server Address” and ensure it is either an IP address or the new server name
  3. If the XWS database resides on the XWS server itself, you may need to manually update a configuration file to point to the new hostname.
    1. Using file explorer, “” navigate to: C:\Program Files (x86)\Xerox\Xerox Workplace Suite\Services (Or the proper installation location of the XWS software)
    2. Using Notepad, open: Xerox.MobilePrint.BULA.Service.exe.Config
    3. Search for “XeroxMPEntities”.  This line contains the server hosting the main SQL database.  The entry can be found in the “Server=<NAME>\<INSTANCE>” section.  If the NAME references the old hostname, update this line to the new hostname.
    4. If changes are made, you will need to restart the “Xerox Mobile Print Host Service” service.
  4.  If you are using the Reporting feature in XWS and your reporting DB resides on the XWS server itself, you will need to update the hostname for the reporting SQL DB.  This can be done using the web admin interface of XWS.
    1. Open the page the page: Company > Settings > Job Reporting
    2. Under “Database Details” you will see an entry for “Database Server”.  The format is: <NAME>\<INSTANCE>.  Update the <NAME> portion with the new hostname of the XWS server and select Save.
  5. If there are any external Print Servers, please do the following:
    1. Go to the Print Queues > Print Servers page and delete the old Print Server(s).
    2. Use the Actions > New option to add the print server back into the system.  This causes the print server to correct the endpoint (hostname) used to communicate with the primary server.
    3. Go to the Print Queues > Incoming Queues page and select the new print server in the drop-down list.  Then use the Actions drop down and select “Refresh Queues”.
  6. If the primary XWS server is hosting any shared network queues, it’s likely that any user workstations that have mapped to those print queues will need to delete the respective printer(s) and re-add them back.  This is because most print queues are mapped by name and not IP Address.  If the server hosting the shared network printer changes its name (hostname change), the network share changes as well.  For example:  \\oldHostName\printqueue     changes to     \\newHostName\printqueue.
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Workplace suite migration - Server name

I successfully migrated the XWS to another server, except for one thing. 

Under Company > Settings > Content Storage it now warns:  "This is a multi-server installation. The storage locations defined below must use a common shared UNC accessible path."

If I validate the Directory that is given, it fails with "Failed to connect to server []. Check to ensure the 'Xerox Mobile Print Host Service' is running."

The XMPHS is running, but the server name is wrong. HECLA2 is the old name of the server on which XWS is installed. 


- how do I make it a single server, and
- how to correct the server name (I already did in the  Xerox.MobilePrint.BULA.Service.exe.config file)




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