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ToddB New Member
New Member

7220 and the app gallery

Am i able to load the app gallery on the WC7220, and how might i do that?

my intent is to be able to use the device to print and scan to OneDrive, as we are rolling out OneDrive in a couple months.

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Xerox Employee XAS-Moderator
Xerox Employee

Re: 7220 and the app gallery

Your 7220 needs to have a minimum software version number of If it is at that version, you should be able to go to the Gallery at!/home and either create an account if you don't have one or login with your account. Once logged in, under "All App" tab search for "App Gallery App". You should be able to install then. There is however a "Connect 2.0 for Microsoft OneDrive" app that might be something to have a look at.


Xerox App Gallery Admin

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