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Valued Advisor
Valued Advisor

81xx : new dropbox/google/onedrive apps, looking for an sso solution


Those new 81xx are now equipped FINALLY with some new scan/print from cloud apps

whats really nice is = 

- they are free
- you can print/scan to !
- you can save tokens for saved credentials

now, question , we want to use multiple users, seems tokens are not saved when we use "Xerox Standard Accounting'

Seems, Xerox Secure access is needed, so i tried papercut/workplace/equitrac, then we can save tokens

But all those solutions are paid solutiuons...

I also tried the LDAP access, thats default on the machine, that works also, tokens are saved, but the big disadvantage is that the only way to access the machine is with full username + password , not with badge or id...

So is there a free solution available , so we can setup access with a pin code or badge ? or a solution on the machine itself that uses ID or badge ?


thnx in advance


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