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Xerox Analyst Mark941539-XRXL
Xerox Analyst

App Gallery fails to login to device

The appl gallery keeps saying the username or password is incorrect. I have triple verified that the info is correct, but it still says it is incorrect.

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Moderator XAG Admin

Re: App Gallery fails to login to device

Hi, Mark.

I was just thinking a bit more about the issue described. Is the log in failing when you are attempting to log in to the App Gallery App while at the device?    When you launch the App Gallery App at the device, are you immediately prompted for your Gallery credendials?

If yes, I think that the device may have an older version of the App Gallery App installed.  You should reinstall the App Gallery App from the App Gallery Web Portal.   Follow the steps outlined below:

Launch the App Galley web portal (!/home). 

Log in with your App Gallery account credentials.

Click the Devices tab and add the AltaLink Device.

Select the All Apps tab.

Browse to and click the App Gallery App icon. 

On the App Details screen, select the Install button. 

Agree to the terms and conditions.

Select the device and then click the Install button again.

Once the install has completed, give the App Gallery App another try from the device.  It should be behaving much better now (not prompting immediately for credentials when launching the app) and you should be able to successfully log in. 

If you have any trouble adding the device to the App Gallery, installing the App Gallery App or if you are still prompted to login immediately when launching the app, please let me know. 

Thank you,

XAS Moderator

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