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App gallery apps are not preloaded on device

I just installed a C8030 and none of the app gallery apps are preloaded on the machine.  The app gallery icon is there but will not connect/download.  We tried connecting at 3 different times of day with no luck.  The apps are not hidden.  Any ideas on how to fix this?

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Re: App gallery apps are not preloaded on device


Thank you for the post.

The AltaLink devices do not pre-load the App Gallery Apps.  There are only two apps that are preinstalled; @PrintByXerox and the App Gallery App.  Users have the option to install new apps from the App Gallery App or from the App Gallery web portal.

Is there any error that displays when your launch the App Gallery App?  Does the @PrintByXerox app launch successfully?

There are a couple items that could cause the apps to not connect.  Please check that you have a good Internet connection.  Is the DNS set properly?  Does the site use a proxy?  If it does, has the proxy been set in the two needed locations on the device?

Please let me know what errors you are seeing, if any.  The errors that displays may help determine the root cause.

Thank you,

XAS Moderator

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Analyst Nation Moderator Joe053204-hcl
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Re: App gallery apps are not preloaded on device

There are 2 possibilities, no connection to the internet from the printer, or older firmware (Launch firmware has issues with App Gallery)

1. Test 1 by using Remote Services,


if it fails to connect, check your DNS,Gateway,Time+Date, Proxy settings in that order.

2. Update the firmware, the latest is here.

If it can communicate with Xerox (Remote Services) and has the latest firmware listed above, run the Network trace and view it in Wireshark to see what's happening.


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