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C605/B405 EIP Error When Using Xerox Custom Scan App

My company has quite a few C605 and B405 units. We were instructed to created a custom scan app through the Xerox App Gallery in order to capture required metadata for our scanning needs. I created the apps quite a while ago (some 2 years ago) and they've been working up until a couple weeks ago. Now whenever anyone goes to scan using any of these apps, an error pops up indicating EIP web services need to be enabled. The problem is that all EIP web services are already enabled. I contact Xerox about this and they said this forum is really my only option for support since these are custom apps. The only things that were ever updated in the apps are the server address and the credentials for access. This was verified working in many sites and continued to work up until a few weeks ago.

All apps scan to a server (via FTP) in AWS and this server is for sure accessible from each site. We haven't made any changes to our firewalls that would block this traffic. In each site, there are other larger units (C8035/8055) units than have no issue scanning via their built in repositories/templates. I've updated firmware on the C605/B405 units but this hasn't resolved the issue.

Any guidance is greatly apprecaited.

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