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Re: Can not login from Office 365 App



Sorry to hear that your customer is experiencing trouble logging into the app. Can you please provide some more information to help us troubleshoot this problem?

- Has the user been able to login previously? Before August 28, 2017? 

- What is the format of the username/email that is unable to login? 

- Are you using the Print and Scan for Office 365 App or the App Studio Print/Scan Office 365 Template App?

- Are they able to login on another device(If they have another device)? AltaLink, ConnectKey or another VersaLink?



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Technical Escalation User
Technical Escalation User

Can not login from Office 365 App

Customer can not log in from office 365 app. On a Versalink C7025 on latest firmware as of August 28 2017.

One user in a non admin role is able log in using domain\username and password.

All other users can not login. Settings on 365 website are identical to the user that can log in.

 The customer is looking to Scan to diffrent folders on Onedrive business acount.


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