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Salvador Flores New Member
New Member

Connect 2.0 for Microsoft OneDrive EIP error

I have an AltaLink C8035 at a customer site that is getting the error: One or more required EIP Web Services are not enabled.  Please contact your system administrator.  Print Extension Job Management Extension, when they try to print from OneDrive.  We verified the EIP settings on the machine and they are all enabled.  We tried the simple reboot, software reset, removed and reinstalled the app.  This is currently a trail, it has not expired, he can log in to the app and see his folders along with selecting the file he wants to print.  Once he selects print, the error is generated. 

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Xerox Employee XAS-Moderator
Xerox Employee

Re: Connect 2.0 for Microsoft OneDrive EIP error

Do you have another app that does printing? If so does that one work? Just to make sure both Print Submission and WS-Print are enabled in the EIP section. Do you have another device that you could try the app on? What version of software is the device running?

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