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Re: Connect for Exchange Online - 'send to myself'

The Connect for Exchange Online does an automatic send to the users Sent Items Folder. This saves you the extra step of having to use a send to self option.  it is very handy when enabled with the Xerox Workplace Suite/Cloud and SSO capabilities.

See if this is acceptable to the customer, it makes it easy to find the message also since it shows that the user sent the message and eliminates the extra step needed to add themselves to the email thread.



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Connect for Exchange Online - 'send to myself'

I didn't see this in the 'setting app defaults' document.  Is there a way to add an easy way to 'send to myself' button or something similar.  Most of the time, our users want to email themselves, but finding themselves in the GAL/Contacts takes several keystrokes.   A quick - 'send to me' button would be great.

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