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Re: Connect to Salesforce App (verification code)

Hi, Cory. 

Thank you for the message and sorry for the delayed response. 

Users logging in to Salesforce from an unrecognized browser or device will be prompted to verify their identity as a security measure.

This behavior is common for Users in organizations who automatically delete browser cookies for security purposes or don't specify trusted login IP ranges under Network Access.

By implementing the following solution, you will greatly reduce the frequency of identity verification prompts for your users:

Set Trusted IP Ranges for Your Organization

Trusted IP Ranges define a list of IP addresses from which users can log in without receiving a login challenge for verification of their identity, such as a code sent to their mobile phone.

To help protect your organization’s data from unauthorized access, you can specify a list of IP addresses from which users can log in without receiving a login challenge. However, this does not restrict access, entirely, for users outside of the Trusted IP Range. After these users complete the login challenge (usually by entering a code sent to their mobile device or email address), they can log in.

  1. From your Salesforce Setup, enter Network Access in the Quick Find box, then select Network Access.
  2. Click New.
  3. Enter a valid IP address in the Start IP Address field and a higher IP address in the End IP Address field.

The start and end addresses define the range of allowable IP addresses from which users can log in, including the start and end values. If you want to allow logins from a single IP address, enter the same address in both fields.

The start and end IP addresses must be in an IPv4 range and include no more than 33,554,432 addresses (225, a /7 CIDR block).

  1. Optionally, enter a description for the range. For example, if you maintain multiple ranges, enter details about the part of your network that corresponds to this range.
  2. Click Save.

I hope that this information is helpful, but please let me know if setting the IP address range does stop the verification code prompt/requirement. 

Thank you, 

XAS Moderator

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Connect to Salesforce App (verification code)


I am trying to understand the need for the verification code to constantly pop up when logging into the Connect to Salesforce app from the Xerox device. I would tend to think you would get this the first time you log in at the device, but if you click the box to say remeber me, I would think you should not get the Verification code each time you log in. This would defeat the purpose of this App/Solution to simplify and take the need away from the employee going to their comnputer to check email.

Or is this an error on our end and it should not be giving this each time you log in? 

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