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Re: Forced to sign in and authenticate with every usage

Hi mif, this is the way that the Apps work as once you log out of the device, or your login times out, it logs you out of the App. Think of the device as a shared use or public computer. You would not want a shared use or public computer to save your login information. While it’s inconvenient, it is secure and Xerox takes security very seriously.

If you used Xerox Workplace Suite or Cloud (XWS/XWC) you would be able to enable Single Sign On (SSO). You would login to the device and authenticate to XWS/XWC and then the Office 365 Connect App. You login to the App the first time with your two-factor authentication (2FA) and then XWS/XWC will hold the cached authentication token and pass that to Microsoft for future authentication requests.

Yes, there is a cost for XWS/XWC and to find out more I suggest you work with your local sales team. If you don't know who that is, I can try to help you identify them. Just send me a private message with the device serial number or if you are concerned about doing that, let me know and I'll email you directly from my email account.

Are you technically savvy and don’t want to get sales involved directly yet? Go to and setup a free 30-day 30-print trial for XWC.


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Forced to sign in and authenticate with every usage

We use 2 AltaLink 3185 machines and have the Microsoft Office 365 Connect app subscribed. However, with every usage, one needs to sign in and authenticate since we have 2-step verification enabled. Choosing the "Keep me signed in" option does not help.

There are better solutions than this since all office workers use the machine.

We want to sign in with one limited account that allows people to scan and print to and from the cloud and have the machine remember the authentication.

Does anyone know of a good solution? It feels like a waste of money to pay for an app that does not do what it is supposed to.


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