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Re: Google Drive Folder Not Showing Up In App

Are all devices in the same language and are all devices using the same google drive account to login? Can you try another google drive account on the device to see if it is working for other accounts?

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Xerox Authorized Dealer Analyst
Xerox Authorized Dealer Analyst

Google Drive Folder Not Showing Up In App

We have a client that utilizes google drive at multiple locations.  They have all C8035's with the 20200 firmware.  At only one location, when they login to the google drive app on the Xerox, their location folder is not visable.  If they login to google drive on a PC the folder is there.  We cannot find a solution to this.  All other locations with their C8035's have no problem.  Has anyone seen this?  The serial number is 3TX416431  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  James Driscoll  VB12296-XAD

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