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Re: How to uninstall an app?

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Just some additional notes to add for the error messages that you are seeing when trying to uninstall the app from App Gallery...


The "Unable to authenticate user" error message is because the App Gallery is having trouble determining the Admin credentials associated with the device you are trying to uninstall the app from. To fix this, go to the Device tab > Select Edit and re-enter the Admin Username and Password for the device. This should fix this error. 


For the "Applications that are default for a pathway may not be deleted" error, this means the App is setup as the default walkup on the device. To fix this, go to the CWIS page for the device > Select Properties > Under General Setup, select Entry Screen Defaults and change the "Services" dropdown to a different App (or Services Home). Once the App is not set as the default, you should be able to user App Gallery to uninstall the App. (This is also the reason that you could not hide the app. If it is the default app then you cannot hide it)



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Joe Arseneau
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Re: How to uninstall an app?

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Port forwarding is the typical reason why you can't push an app to the device, same goes for removal via the App Gallery website.


Removal is simple enough at the device or in EWS.


In EWS go to EWS > Properties > Apps > Custom Apps > Weblet management and delete what needs to be deleted.




At the Device you go to Device > Tools > App Settings > Weblet Settings > Weblet Management to remove the installed apps.


Neither of these methods involves the printer having access to App Gallery

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Joe Arseneau
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How to uninstall an app?

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I have a brand new Xerox® AltaLink™ C8055 and have loaded some apps onto the device. Now I would like to uninstall them.


When I login to the App Gallery on the device, you can INSTALL an app, but there is no option (that I can see) to UNINSTALL an app.


When I login to the App Gallery from the computer side, you can attempt to uninstall the app, but it gets an error message.

Unable to Authenticate user"


I tried a different user login to try to uninstall it, but got this message.

"Invalid State: Applications that are the default for a pathway may not be deleted"


It may be a Xerox App Gallery issue…I can’t seems uninstall any of the Apps I installed.


BUT, the only item I can’t hide by logging directly into the machine is the Billboard App. (It’s grayed out)


I've reached out to Vision-e Support re the Billboard App and they say it's a Xerox App Gallery issue and they can't help me.


How can I uninstall this app?


Screen Shot 2017-08-15 at 8.29.41 AM.png


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