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Re: How to use Xerox App Gallery to generate new businesses

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How to use Xerox App Gallery to generate new businesses


First of all sorry for my bad english but we really need some help to use xerox app gallery to generate business and how to manage properly with many employees using xerox app gallery to invite customers. We are Xerox parterns and we have a lot of customers using VersaLink/Altalink printers.  

Could you please with some questions below? Thanks in advance.

1- What is the correct method to register at the App Gallery?

The best way is for the Xerox to register the partner (Novtech employee) or can the employee access the website and make your own account?

(Creating a common account does not appear the option to add Affiliate ID, how to have this feature after creating an account?)


2- We already have the registration on the Avangate Portal with all documents to receive payments.

Do we need to register the affiliate id in all Novtech accounts of the App Gallery to receive payments?

(Without the affiliate ID it is not possible to receive payments?)


3- To register a customer and receive commissions from app payments, we just need to invite the customer to create an account in the app gallery in the 'ACCOUNTS' tab of the app gallery?

After the customer accepts the invitation the customer account will be linked to our affiliate id?


4- After registering the customer in the App Gallery through our invitation, does Novtech starts to receive commissions for each customer's purchase?


5- About the registration in the app gallery, is it correct to have a main account where only this account is made to send invitations to clients or could we have several accounts of employees that can invite clients?

(How to keep track of which clients such employee invited? Any centralized place with all clients invited by Novtech?)


6- When the customer makes a purchase, how can we know which apps the customer has purchased? Is there a portal that shows all customer accounts and all purchases made?


7- About adding printers to the App Gallery:

- If I’m connected to the customer's network, I can add any Xerox machine that has on the customer's network. Do I need to manually add the IP of each printer or do you we a better way to detect all the Client's machines? (For example, customer has 300 printers, do I need to manually add 300 printers?)

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