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Xerox Employee
Xerox Employee

Re: Impossible to install a weblet in a Versalink


use lpr

in a command window, send the file using lpr just as though it were any other print file

pr works great on Win 7 and up. You do not need to copy it. In Control Panel, go to "turn windows features on or off" and make sure "print and document services" are installed.

To use lpr to send a file to printer that uses the RAW protocol, the syntax is:

lpr -S <printer name or IP> -P raw <file to send>

lpr -S -P raw

although you don't have to specific raw in the command

-S is the source address - i.e. your server


Sends a print job to a network printer

Usage: lpr -S server -P printer [-C class] [-J job] [-o option] [-x] [-d] filename


      -S server    Name or ipaddress of the host providing lpd service

      -P printer   Name of the print queue

      -C class     Job classification for use on the burst page

      -J job       Job name to print on the burst page

      -o option    Indicates type of the file (by default assumes a text file)

                   Use &quot;-o l&quot; for binary (e.g. postscript) files

      -x           Compatibility with SunOS 4.1.x and prior

      -d           Send data file first


wait - S is the printer



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Impossible to install a weblet in a Versalink

Do you know how to install a weblet manually from a Versalink ?

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