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Re: New Gallery

Hello, EastCoastRob.

Thank you for the message. 

With the recent upgrade we did move some apps to a different view to make way for eCommerce capabilities.  We are adding new apps to the main gallery view, through.  There will be 3 new apps added in the next week or two.  Then 3 more will be added around mid-October, as well as, 3 more in November.  Over the next couple weeks/months we will be adding 9 new apps for our customers. If you are looking for a specific app, please let us know.      

To answer the second question regarding how the apps display on the My Apps tab in the app. Apps will display under 'Not On This Device' if the app is installed on the device, but was not installed by you.  The App Details page in the Web Portal indicates who installed the app in locations where there are shared devices. 

I hope that this information is helpful, but please let me know if there are additional questions. 


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New Gallery

When I log in as a user I see only a short list of 10 or so apps and when I navigate to My Apps it shows a longer list all of which are listed as Not on this device even though many, if not all, are. Why are there so few apps showing now in the main gallery? Why does the gallery not recognize my installed apps?

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