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Re: Office 365 App 404 Error

Make sure that network access to the Microsoft servers is not blocked. Check the firewall on your computer, the router, and DNS configuration. If your Office 365 subscription has expired, buy a new license and extend your Office 365 subscription for a new period. Then try to open the Office 365 applications again MyFortiva

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Office 365 App 404 Error

Hello I've downloaded and installed the Office 365 App on an AltaLink C8130. My customer successfully authenticated and it gave us two options to select. Teams Sites or Favorie Sites. When I click on either one and error pops up saying "Application error received from service. Error Code 404."

I had the customer logout. I've logged in using my Xerox account and I'm able to authenticate and scan to one of the SharePoint site. 

What does error code 404 mean and how do we resolve it? Thanks.


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