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chrisrwebb New Member
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Office 365 Print and Scan stored credentials


When starting up the Office 365 Print and Scan it says checking for Stored Credentials before it asks you to logon. We use complex passwords so it is a huge pain in the butt to logon each time. Where are the credentials it is checking for when it says checking for store credentials?

Is there another way to scan to SharePoint. It would be nice to just have an option to scan to a specific folder on Sharepoint.

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Moderator XAG Admin

Re: Office 365 Print and Scan stored credentials

Hi, Chris. 

There is a way to set up and use a single sign-on option with the Connect 2.0 for Microsoft Office 365 and OneDrive apps.

The apps integrate with Xerox Workplace Suite or Workplace Cloud solutions and offer the option for users to save their repository credentials.  Users will no longer need to enter a username/password each time the app is launched. Once set up, users can log in at the device and after opting in to Single Sign-On, they will have access to their individual repositories.

If you are a Xerox Workplace Suite or Workplace Cloud customer, there is documentation that may be helpful.  There is a Quick Start Guide to help you get started posted here:

There's also some additional information posted on our forum in the following topic:

If you have any additional questions at all, please let me know. 

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jhonson1 New Member
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Re: Office 365 Print and Scan stored credentials

So I have been using office 365 for a long time and never face any issue with it but when I update my windows and then I find that I was not able to print or scan on the printer with office 365. So I reinstalled microsoft office 365 download it from the official site and after that, my problem remains the same. If anyone has any idea about that problem then suggest to me about that office365  problem.

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Xerox Employee XAS-Moderator
Xerox Employee

Re: Office 365 Print and Scan stored credentials

It appears that you mighthave App Gallery app 1.0. Please install the latest app from the App Gallery portal and then you should be all set!


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