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Xerox Employee
Xerox Employee

Re: Office 365 Scan and Print login error

Hello, Steve. 


Thank you for the message. 


The app installed on the device uses an API to communicate directly with the Office 365 repository for authentication. 


Could you share some additional information, please? 

 - For the accounts that are failing authentication, what type of accounts are they?  Are they general user accounts or are they O365 Administrator accounts?

 - When you say 'the MFP is completely removed from the network', what do you mean?  If the device does not have a network connection, authentication will fail. 


Can you share the user email address, date/time and device serial number for a recent login failure? We can check our logs for any related errors. 

If you'd like to share this information privately, please email us at:


Thank you, 

XAS Moderator


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Office 365 Scan and Print login error

We are attempting to setup scanning to O365 with the app.


Some users are receiving a user name / password error.  However not all users.


A packet capture shows that sucessful athentication has minimal DNS packets and the Xerox App Gallery server is resolved.


When the login is unsucsseful, there are numerous DNS packets that attempt to resolve numerous servers until the error is displayed on the MFP display.


Does the MFP communicate / authenticate through the App Gallery Server or does it establish communication with O365 directly, after accessing the Appl Gallery server?


Could this authentication error be occuring during the App Gallery communication?


Even if the MFP is completely removed from our network, these users still have the same issue so it seems unlikely to be a network configuration problem.


We are using email address and password for authentication.






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