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OneDrive App Issue OneDrive App folders

OneDrive app issue (Folders won't show up)



OneDrive app is installed on the Xerox C8045 serial number below:


Serial: 8TB56****

User Name: admin


SNMP V1/V2 Community Name: private

Capabilities: CopyFaxPrintScan

EIP Version: 4.1.8


When user click on the OneDrive app, it take them to Microsoft SSO page for login with Email and password. After it gets authenticated, It comes back on blue page shows the Scan and Print button. When click on the Scan button->Next Select OneDrive folder->It supposed to sync OneDrive folder and show all the folders to select one as the scan destination but instead, it shows the grayedout random files scanned before but none of the folders are showing up. Any ideas? I was advised by T2 Xerox support try to turn on the TLS 1.2 which i did but still it didn't make a difference. Apprecite your help. 

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