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Xerox Employee
Xerox Employee

Re: OneDrive Business Sign On



We do support OneDrive Business Sign On.  There are a couple items specific to the login information that are outlined below.


Can you confirm if the client is using a Custom Domain Account for Office365? I suspect that the structure of the log in/account type may be where the trouble lies.


The app. uses login credentials associated with Office365 accounts purchased directly through MS or custom domain accounts. If they are using a custom domain account, please see the article posted here:​pport/en_US.html?objGUID=3082

(Note: Office 365 will not work if the customer is using Active Directory Federated Services. ADFS is not supported at this time.)


If you are using the standard credentials provided by, the login process is straight forward.


If you are using a Custom Domain account, it's a little trickier.  For the domain portion, you need to do a little hunting as to how the account is setup.


For example, if the account was created with and users are in that domain, the login will be very easy and the domain will not need to be added to the login screen. just login with and it should work fine.


If another domain was added to or the domain was changed, this is where the complexity comes in. For example, if they have added a domain called the user will login with mydomain\


Hope that helps.

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New Member
New Member

OneDrive Business Sign On

I have a client trying to sign into OneDrive for Business via the app on a Xerox 7845i. We can sign into the personal, but not the Business. I see nowhere on Xerox where it says you are unable to sign into OneDrive Business, contrary to Konica Minolta which states they cannot.


Is this a common issue? Are there any work arounds or solutions you might now? Thanks

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