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Phaser 6180 + Windows 11 + Microsoft Office apps generating "cannot print" error message

Posting with an observation that may help others.

In an older thread, I had discovered that in Windows 10, I needed to use an older Xerox Postscript driver to print in color to the Phaser 6180.

Now, having "upgraded" to Windows 11, I get a "Word cannot print to the printer" or "Excel cannot print to the printer" type error message when working in Microsoft 365 apps using the same printer/driver config that had worked fine in Windows 10.  Curiously, Windows 11 itself seems happy enough with the old print driver as it prints the test page just fine, and one can print from Notepad or Wordpad to the Phaser 6180 just fine as well.  My impression is that printing from Microsoft 365 apps had not previously been an issue, but somewhere along the line relatively recently something changed and Microsoft 365 apps are now not happy with the old Postcript driver for the Phaser 6180.  Kofax Power PDF is also not happy with the old postscript driver file, either, so the issue I observed is not limited to just Microsoft 365 apps.

The solution was to create a new printer config with the ver. 5.591.9.0 V3 Xerox Global Print Driver Postscript released in June, 2023.  Printing normally now in black+white and color to the Phaser 6180.

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