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Xerox Employee
Xerox Employee

Re: PrimeLink and Support Assistant 3.0

looking at the documentation for the Support Assistant Primelink devices are not listed. If you look on the details of the app in the gallery. Select the additional support and open a ticket with the  Support Assistant team directly. They might be able to tell you if they are planning on supporting that device or not.

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Re: PrimeLink and Support Assistant 3.0

I should add that the machine has a Fiery server directly connected to it.
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PrimeLink and Support Assistant 3.0

We have a customer with a PrimeLink and we installed the Support Assistant 3.0 app on the device. It displays the following error when trying to use it.


I can confirm that the following settings are set on the device

SNMP Port Status is Enabled


SNMP v1/v2c Protocols is enabled

                Allow Write is enabled


Community Name is public


Trap Community name:                 SNMP_trap


Is the app compatible with PrimeLink devices?

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