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Re: Printing from Connect 2,0 apps

Hi Thomas, 

We have published a new version of the Connect 2.0 for Microsoft OneDrive and Office 365 Apps with a performance improvement for the printing of docx and converted file types. Please give this a try when you have time and let us know any feedback on this update.


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Technical Escalation User

Printing from Connect 2,0 apps

We have an Altalink C8045 using 2.0 apps (dropbox, one drive, box, google drive and sharepoint). Printing a pdf works fine but printing a docx file takes 2.5 minutes.  In this trial 2 competitor's machines take 15 seconds to print the same document.  It looks like it is the file conversion taking the time.  Are their enough resources or could there be more resources on the Xerox server to increase this conversion?




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