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Re: Problem installing an application component

unfortuantely that isn't something that the app gallery supports. I suggest calling the xerox support line to see if they can help you. Sorry

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Problem installing an application component

Hi, I have a computer with Win10 and a Xerox Workcentre 3345 multifunction device. 
I downloaded a dedicated application for the device, the Xerox Print and Scan experience.
To take full advantage of the machine's functions and the application,
she recommends that you install "Xerox Print Experience 5.0" After downloading a comthat gives me the option to select duplex scanning,
I get an error during installation and cannot install it.
I need this add-on to be able to take full advantage of the device,
especially duplex scanning. At this point,
I cannot select this option as this component of the application is missing.
I need function to my job...
Link to the fail gallery:


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