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Quick Link App

I'm having issues with Quick Link App. QuickLink app is not naming the print drivers with the correct printer name.  The issue is that some print drivers install with a long string of letters and numbers so that the user will not know what printer to choose because the correct printer name is not loading with the driver from the QuickLink app. 
Any solution or any idea?
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Re: Quick Link App

Hi Ealveno,

    The naming convention that you describe sounds like the default hostname for Xerox devices. By default the hostname is XRX followed by the 12-digit MAC address (combination of letters and numbers). If you're familiar with configuring the Xerox network settings configure the device hostname to something other than the default. To advise you on how to change that we'll need to know the model of Xerox that you're working with as the instructions will be different depending on the model.

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Re: Quick Link App

Xerox Smart Start’s “Quick Install” action uses a default printer queue name which is based on the devices name. If not changed during device install, this often defaults to the type of name described by the user (typically based on MAC address in order to ensure uniqueness). One of two things can be done to address this….

  1. Rename the printer (from the devices homepage) to something the end user can relate to. Recommend the device Location also be set as well.
  2. When Smart Start is run from Quick Link download, use the “advanced” option to set the printer queue to be something different than the default. (See attached screenshots)
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