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Re: Scan and Print to OneDrive App - Scan Function Option Does Not Appear



Did you attach a scanner to your C600DN printer? By default, those devices do not come with a scanner so in the Print and Scan for OneDrive App we hide the "Scan To" option and only provide the user the option to print. Please let me know if you have attached a scanner to the device and are still having trouble seeing the "Scan To" option.



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Scan and Print to OneDrive App - Scan Function Option Does Not Appear

Hello - After successfully installing the Print and Scan to OneDrive app onto my new C600DN printer, the Scan Option does not appear anywhere in the app that I can find.    The Xerox Quick Start guide for this app says to log into the app and select the "Scan To" option, in order to select the location in my OneDrive to scan the document to.


However after logging into the app, there are no options presented or shown anywhere, to select 'Scan To" .  The only options presented are to browse my One Drive.    In other words, it appears to just act as a viewer into my OneDrive.    How do I reach the "Scan To" option that is described in the Xerox Quick Start Guide, successfully on the screen in order to be able to select it and then follow instructions to scan a document?


Note - I was able to select a document in my OneDrive through the app, after which the "Print From" option pops up.   This appears to work.   But still cannot access any "Scan To" function nor see any option appear on the screen to do that...oes the C600DN printer have Scan capability?




Thank you

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