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Re: Scan to Box Error on 7225

Hi, Bryan. 


I don't believe that we have seen this message, but we will certainly look in to it. 


Can you share some information with us? 

What is the current software release on the device?

What scan settings (1 sided or two sided, was the file output format .pdf, etc...) were used when the error occurred?

Does the error go away with different scan settings?

Do any errors display is you try to Print From Box using the same app?


Please let us know if the error still occurs following the software update. 

Thank you,

XAG Admin

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Agency Analyst
Agency Analyst

Scan to Box Error on 7225

This just happened recently.  It still scans, but it displays the message,  Tech is currently updating the system software but wasn't sure if this is a know issue.



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