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Re: Scan to onedrive or sharepoint support for MFA?

Account lockout
To prevent repeated MFA attempts as part of an attack, the account lockout settings let you specify how many failed attempts to allow before the account becomes locked out for a period of time. The account lockout settings are applied only when a PIN code is entered for the MFA prompt.

The following settings are available:

Number of MFA denials that trigger account lockout
Minutes until account lockout counter is reset
Minutes until account is automatically unblocked
To configure account lockout settings, complete these steps:

Sign in to the Azure portal as an administrator.

Go to Azure Active Directory > Security > MFA > Account lockout.

Enter the values for your environment, and then select Save. pfmlogin

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Scan to onedrive or sharepoint support for MFA?

I have a c8055.  I have an app for scanning to onedrive.  Valid login credentials fail.  Is there a log file or more information available to diagnose this?  And...can you validate that this app supports Azure AD MFA?

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