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Sticky credentials

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Can an admin hard code the login credentials for app gallery such that they do not need to be retyped every time? If so, how?

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XAG Admin

Re: Sticky credentials

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Are you referring to saving the credentials for the Xerox App Gallery App? If so, please follow these steps:

1. From the multifunction printer (MFP) home screen, login to the device as the administrator

2. Select the Xerox App Gallery App

3. Enter your User ID and Password and select Log In

     A message will display asking if you want the login credentials to be used for others to access the App Gallery.

4. Select Use Credentials

     Your credentials are now saved for the Xerox App Gallery App


Note: By saving account credentials, all multifunction printer (MFP) users automatically have access to Xerox App Gallery App without having to login with individual account credentials


Additional information can be found at