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Unable to get the connect to office 365 app configured and working on Xerox Altalink x8045

Not happy that this is the only method of support Xerox is offering for Microsoft 365.


There has to be a better way for Xerox to scan to sharepoint/email using Office 365 with Modern Authentication, given how much of the market has migrated to Microsoft 365. 


I need support urgently.  I installed the Connect to Microsoft 365 app as a trial on the Xerox Altalink c8045 copier, it says it is installed correctly, yet there is no way to configure it and authenticate it to their Sharepoint.  


When In go to the remote control panel on their printer via the web interface and launched the Connect to M365 app, it says the printer needs a patch and to download from


I downloaded that compressed patch, and it fails to install on the printer. The filename is phaser_6700_sys_sw...

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