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Re: User is locked. Reset Password loop.

Hello, David, Would you mind sending your account email address privately? Please send the information to: As soon as we have the information, we can check the reason for the account being locked and perhaps clear the issue for you. Thank you!
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Technical Escalation Service Provider
Technical Escalation Service Provider

User is locked. Reset Password loop.

This regards @PrintByXerox version 3.1.11. At the UI, pressing @PrintByXerox (aka Xerox Mobile Cloud Print), I forgot my password, so initiated the Forgot Password button. This process sends a link to my e-mail. I click on it and provide a new password. Then, when I try to login at the UI, the message "User is Locked. Please Reset Password." appears. When I try to login via the web at, I receive a similar message, beginning with "User Authentication failed. User is locked. Please reset password." But resetting the password again takes me round robin back through the same failed login.
David A. Czuba
Kelley Benchmark Solutions
(360) 676-8406
David195973-ASP (Service)
DavidAXBUJE-AA (Analyst)
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