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Re: Using Remote Control Panel and Apps

Thank you for the video. Click>Hold>Drag does the trick.  I am not seeing the Scroll indicators. And, I was expecting the scrolling wheel on my mouse to work similar to how it works when you are in Copy, for example.


Thank you for the response. 

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Re: Using Remote Control Panel and Apps

Hi George,

I just gave it a try and I am able to scroll the Connect 2.0 Apps using the VersaLink remote control panel. It does look like the scroll indicators are not getting displayed though. Are you just not seeing the scroll indicators or are you not able to drag the screen to scroll?

XAG Admin
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Using Remote Control Panel and Apps

I am using the Remote Control Panel on a VL405 to show/work with Apps. I am finding when I am logged into the App (Connect 2.0 apps) I am not able to scroll through the screen.  Other features like Copy, Email and  Scanning work.

I have tried Chrome, Edge and I.E. with no success. The machine is at the latest firmware. I have not tested it on the AltaLink yet.  

Is this a firmware issue or an App issue?

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