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Re: XM Fax app- features are grayed out

This is not a Xerox developed app so OpenText (xMedius) support is going to be the best way to get support on this app.

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XM Fax app- features are grayed out

I have a client who is setting up XM Fax Cloud. We are able to look up the account, log in as an admin user to select the appropriate token, and proceed to the user login (current login is set to "prompt for user login"). We are using the same admin account to login for the fax feature.

Once we get to the fax screen, we are able to add the fax number, but everything is grayed out- including the "FAX" button. So we are unable to send. Already have OpenText (xMedius) support involved. We have done network traces from the device itself and the network switch. Any ideas? Thanks!

Inked2-LoggedIn-dummy account-dummytoken_GREYEDOUT_LI.jpg


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