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Re: browse and print app?

Hi, Fabio.

Thank you for the post.

There are apps that will support what you have described.  There isn't one app that will do both Print and Scan, but users can create Template apps using the App Gallery that can scan to or print from specific locations. Some of the Template apps can be designed to remember network credentials.   To access the Template apps, select the Create button from your My Apps screen of the App Gallery.

For the Scan to app, I would recommend the Scan to Multi-Destination app.  This app can be configured with a SMB or FTP Scan to location

For the Print from app, I would use the Print from URL app. 

In both of the above apps, the app designer can add and save the network credentials for the apps.  Users at the device need only to launch the app, select their file to print or the location to scan to and then select the Print or Scan button. 

I hope that this information is helpful.  Please let me know if any additional questions come to mind.

Thank you,

XAS Moderator



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Valued Advisor

browse and print app?

i am looking for a verry lightweight tool

a simple browe and print tool

can be a smb browser or cloud browser

something like : print and scan from .... 

but with a function to remember credentials, i dont need al the fancy stuff like SSO and and mobile suite, its to expensive then

i know when xerox started with eip, more then 10 years a go, there was a tool "PrintBucket" , that was the one of the first best eip app ever, but cant find it anymore, it was a simple smb browser tool, select a file and print..done



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