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Technical Escalation Service Provider Curtis195539-ASP
Technical Escalation Service Provider

dropbox error when logging in

Curtis Cropper/ ZH195539,, 3018485300



Customer gets error when logging in dropbox (see attachment). I have upgraded sw, performed altboot with no data backup , still error occurs.




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Analyst Nation Moderator Joe053204-xrx
Analyst Nation Moderator

Re: dropbox error when logging in

It's been down since Friday (5 days) and they have not provided any update since

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Moderator XAG Admin

Re: dropbox error when logging in

Hi Curtis and Joe, 


The Dropbox App should be back up now. Please give it a try again.



XAG Admin

CathalWilson New Member
New Member

Re: dropbox error when logging in



Have an issue with multiple customers not being able to scan/print from dropbox application, is there an ongoing issue? This has been happening on every machine I try in multiple locations on multiple sites since wednesday 22/11/2017.


Can anyone assist?



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Xerox Employee XAS-Moderator
Xerox Employee

Re: dropbox error when logging in



Thank you for the post. 


We are experiencing a temporary Dropbox outage at the moment.  We are investigating/working with Dropbox.  We will update the forum as soon as we know more. 


Thank you and our apologies for any inconvenience. 

XAS Moderator

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