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Re: @printbyXerox and Xerox Standard Accounting

Hi, Jonathan. 

You have it correct. 

The report can be configured to contain the User Name, User PIN or both.  It will report information on the limits that have been set up.  The Report can include the following information on a Per User basis: 

Total Black Copy and Print Impressions

Total Color Copy and Print Impressions

Color Copy Limit (this is the total number of color copies allowed for this user)

Color Copy Used 

Color Copy Remaining

Total Color Copy Impressions

Black Copy Limit 

Black Copy Used

Black Copy Remaining

Total Black Copy Impressions

Color Print Limit

Color Print Used

Color Print Remaining

Total Color Print Impressions

Black Print Limit

Black Print Used

Black Print Remaining

Total Black Print Impressions

Network Images Sent Limit

Network Images Sent Used

Network Images Sent Remaining

Last Reset (The date that the user limits were last reset. This can only be done by the device system admin.)

Machine Serial Number

Report Date

Report Time


Please note that Xerox Standard Accounting can be turned on and off for individual apps, so some of the counters in the list above may not apply.  The data for apps that have Accounting disabled will either not be included in the report or will display as zero.    One more item to note.  Not all apps are compatible with Xerox Standard Accounting.  If you have an app that accounting is enabled for, but data is not being reported, then it's likely that this app doesn't support Accounting.

Please let me know if any additional questions come up. 

Thank you, 

XAS Moderator

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Re: @printbyXerox and Xerox Standard Accounting

I'd like to check for understanding.

We can lock access to the PrintByXerox feature using XSA.

User unlocks access to the app using a PIN that exists in XSA that has permission to access that feature and has a positive balance in the account.

User opens the app and uses it normally and XSA tracks the PrintByXerox prints made while the user is logged in under that user.

User finishes and logs out.

When an XSA report is generated where will the PrintByXerox pages be listed? Will they be print jobs under that user (PIN) heading?


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Re: @printbyXerox and Xerox Standard Accounting

Hi, Jonathan. 

In short, the answer is yes.

Xerox Standard Accounting (XSA), intended primarily for use as an accounting service, can be used as an internal authorization service. XSA tracks copy, scan (including filing and email), print and fax usage by individual user. The device system administrator can enable/disable the feature via the LUI or Web UI, add or delete users, and set usage limits by service for each user. If XSA is enabled, a walk-up user must enter a valid XSA ID before being allowed access to the device. The device will confirm that the entered XSA ID matches an authorized user, and that the usage limits for the selected service have not been exceeded. In this sense, XSA acts as an authorization service. The device system administrator can limit access to device services by setting the usage limits on specific services to zero for users that should not have rights to use the feature. After each page or image is completed, the user’s balance is updated by the number of impressions or scans performed. Services become unavailable to the user when the usage limits are exceeded.

When XSA is enabled in the print driver or on the Web UI, before a print job is submitted, an XSA ID must also be entered. The ID is sent to the Network controller for validation. If the submitted ID is valid, the job will print, and the user’s balance will be updated by the number of impressions performed. If the submitted ID is invalid, the job is deleted and an error sheet is printed in its place.  So, in the case of @PrintByXerox, you will submit your print job to  The job will be sent to the device and the user will need to authenticate to the device via XSA and then use the @PrintByXerox app to release their print job.  

On demand, the device System Administrator will be able to download a report that shows activity for all of the users. The device System Administrator can add, modify or remove users and their allocations at any point. 

An end user will be able to review their balances by entering a User ID at the LUI or web UI.

To enable XSA, launch the embedded browser for the device (open an browser window and type the device IP address in to the address bar).  Log in with the device Admin credentials. Select the Properties tab, then select Login/Permissions/Accounting - > Accounting Methods. On the Accounting Methods screen, select the Edit button. Select Xerox Standard Accounting from the dropdown list. Select the Save button. On the next screen, click the Edit button to the right of the Service Tracking option.  You can now select which services to track: Copies, Prints, Scans (or Faxes, if supported by the device). Select the services that you would like to track and then click Save.   

XSA is now enabled.  Now you only need to added users. Click the Edit button to the right of the Users and Limits (Add, Import, Export) option.  Select Add New User and enter the user information. Repeat for as many users as you would like. Or select the Import option from the Management Actions dropdown to import a list of users all at once.  With XSA enabled, users are required to authenticate at the device before they are allow to access the control panel and all of their print, scan, copy and/or fax activity will be recorded, depending on how the Administrator configured the feature. 

I hope that this information is helpful.  I've shared a lot of detail here, so if you have any questions as you go along, please let me know.  

Thank you, 

XAS Moderator


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@printbyXerox and Xerox Standard Accounting

I found a document that states that PrintByXerox works with Xerox Standard Accounting Tool.  I'm not sure what it's referring to as the tool but would like to know if Xerox Standard Accounting can be used to track PrintByXerox jobs and if it can I need some basic instructions for setting that up and how it would work.

Just FYI, here is the document: