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Xerox Employee
Xerox Employee

Re: @printbyxerox - Newbie question, trying to get this.

The @PBX app and email workflow are just a small slice of the functionality in Xerox Workplace Cloud.  This “free” workflow is email submission with follow-you release at a printer with the @PBX app.


Email direct printing is not supported with this above free workflow. 


If the user wanted to buy a license, then they would have the option of using direct email printing.  It would also require them to install an Agent as well.  A direct email job will go to our email handler in the Azure and then to the XWC backend, get converted, then pulled down to the local network by the agent and pushed to the printer.


Hope that helps clarify things.

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@printbyxerox - Newbie question, trying to get this.

I have a client who purchased a Xerox printer and is strying to set it up using the printbyxerox cloud-print feature. 

Specifically, he'd like people to be able to email him and have those get printed.
(VERY specifically, he'd like to have emails that come into his gmail get forwarded to this printer for hard copy.)

I'm trying to understand how the email service works. 


I've connected his gmail account to his "" account, received the confirmation and customized the password. 

I'm able to send emails FROM his gmail to his printer, which works fine. 

But how do I allow external people to simply send emails to him to be printed? I would think that there's some kind of unique email associated with the printer (even if it's generic) to allow for this. But everything I've found simply reference the extremely generic "" address, which only works from his own registered account. 


Making this harder:
He doesnt have access to a computer or smartphone (Amish, literally), so anything I see that references the "Print Cloud App" is not possible. For example, I've seen the premium offering to get a vanity address, but not sure how to do that without the app. 

However, that seems to indicate that a unique address for the printer IS possible - even if it's just generic. (And that's the one I'd used to forward his gmail notes to the printer.)


I'm working from afar here, and just trying to understand how this all works. 

1. WHERE do I find a unique email identifier?

2. HOW can he or I manage his cloud print account without the app? (this - attached - is all I can find that we have access to.)


Thanks for helping me with this base-line knowledge that I can't seem to find anywhere.

Screen Shot 2021-02-10 at 9.08.33 PM.png

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