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Agency Analyst
Agency Analyst

App Studio unable to authenticate when installing Scan to - and Print from - Dropbox

Please see linked document containing screenshots of the installation I've attempted today in a customer environment (failure and setups).


The equipment will not authenticate the App load utilizing the (default) user/password for the Xerox machine. 

I have logged into the web interface successfully using the default login credentials, and the same are recorded in the Device link.

I have performed a SW resest (of Both) on the 7845.  Have hard-booted the machine using the power switch.  Have performed a Reboot through CWS.

Have removed and re-added the device in the Apps Studio website.

Have cleared my browser history (infinity) of PWs, sites, certificates, etc.  Used Win 8.1 and Mac OSX.9, Chrome, IE and Safari.


The Apps with which I am having issues are Scan to Dropbox and Print from Dropbox.  They are lisenced, but have I have tried both Lisenced and Trial configuration attempts. 

Am utilizing default login credentials for the WorkCentre 7845. 

The current SW version is:

There is no additional device on property to load for testing.  The 7855 in my office loaded with no issue on the same SW level.


Thank you in advance for your immediate assistance!

Dara Alberson

Xerox Analyst - Clark Co NV


Dara Alberson
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Xerox Employee
Xerox Employee

Re: App Studio unable to authenticate when installing Scan to - and Print from - Dropbox

Check the clocks on the systems are correct.  HTTPS fails when the clocks are out of sync.


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