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Xerox Employee
Xerox Employee

Re: AppStudioSMBScan templates remain on the WC devices

Hi, rsdrisco.  

This is a known issue with the template apps.  I believe that the scanned templates that are left behind can be manually deleted using the device Centreware Internet Services web page.  

Also, this issue will be resolved in a couple weeks.  We have a new App Studio/App Gallery solution going live near the end of this month.  Any apps created through the new solution will not cause the scan templates to be retained at the device.  Please note, if the customer does not create and install a new app, the issue will continue to occur.  They will need to remove the old app and replace with a new app created in the new system.  We will post an annoucement on this forum when the new solution has been launched.  

I hope that this information is helpful, but please let me know if there are any additional questions. 

XAS Moderator

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Xerox Employee
Xerox Employee

AppStudioSMBScan templates remain on the WC devices

I work in Level 3 customer support for office products. I have a customer issue where, when they use the App Studio Scan to folder app on a WC 6655 and they scan jobs back to back (example: a second scan is started prior to the first scan completed), the first scan's template remains on the MFD. If you go to the Scan tab on the MFD web UI, you see a remaining Scan to folder template (example: AppStudioSMBScan1536590774922.xst).

Replication steps:

1. On the App Studio web page, add a Scan to Folder app and push it to a WC 6655 device (or any CK model).

2. At the MFD LUI, select your app and scan 10+ pages.

3. Once the scan job is in a processing state, scan a second job (any # of pages).

See this results in a template called <AppStudioSMBScan...xst> (from the first Scan to Folder job) remaining on the WorkFlow Scanning pathway. You must go to the web UI of the MFD and go to the Scan tab to delete the template.

The customer escalated this as a WC 6655 issue, but I think it's an App Studio app issue. I can replicate on a WC 78xx and WC 3655 (I haven't tried on any other device model yet). The MFD logs show the app doesn't send a "DeleteTemplateReq" to the MFD for the first scan job.

Could you take a look at the problem and let me know if you agree it is NOT a WC 6655 device issue?

I have printer logs if you'd like to take a look.

Note: A network trace was not helpful, as the packets are encrypted.

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