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christoph New Member
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Apps from AppStudio on VersaLink C405


we are using 3 VersaLink C405 with the software version 68.11.12.
On all 3 devices I installed the support wizard from the App Studio.

When calling the app, one device has a device error 116-324.
On the second device I recieve a white screen in 9 out of 10 cases, the device no longer responds to any buttons. In one case I got the same error 116-324.
A device - similar to the other devices configured - opens the app and shows the support cases.

All devices are connected to the Internet, the Smart eSolutions are connected, even the search for software updates works.
Are there generally problems or incompatibilities of the VersaLink to the apps from the AppStudio?
I also installed a scan app on a VersaLink. The same app works on a WC7830. The VersaLink, however, can only display the app in the display. I have no more functions after that.

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Xerox Employee XAS-Moderator
Xerox Employee

Re: Apps from AppStudio on VersaLink C405



Thank you for the message. 

In general, the App Studio apps function with the VersaLink devices.  If an app is not compatible with the device, the App Details should include this information. 


It sounds like the Support Assistant app works well on one of the three devices, but not the other two. Is this correct?

Is this also true for the Scan App that works on the WC7830?  Does it work on the same VersaLink device that the Support Assistant app works on, but does not work on the other two?


Would you be able to share the Control Rom version for all of the devices, please?  You can print, scan and share the Startup Page. Or go to the Home Screen and select the Device icon, then select the About option.  There should be a software version listed.  Can you please share what version displays on the About screen?


There is a possibility that the two devices that are generating errors are not in a stable state.  Could you try rebooting the devices and then try the apps again?  Another option, you could clone the configuration of the device that is working and import it to the two other devices.  This will ensure that they are all configured exactly the same.  The Cloning option is available on the Home Screen of the device Centerware IS page.  It's in the lower left of the Home screen. 


I hope that this information is helpful. Please post back if you continue to have issues using the apps.  I'll investigate further. 

Thank you!

XAS Moderator




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Fabio Valued Advisor
Valued Advisor

Re: Apps from AppStudio on VersaLink C405

hi,, there are new firmwares out for all versalinks


for info : 


For the B400, there is a Firmware Release to address this Fault. Update Firmware to Version 37.12.12 or higher. Contact 2nd level software support to obtain this SPAR Firmware Version.

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Xerox Employee XAS-Moderator
Xerox Employee

Re: Apps from AppStudio on VersaLink C405

Thank you for sharing this information!


XAS Moderator

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