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fernandos New Member
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Can not authenticate user error when publish an app

Hi, i have a 3655 printer with connect key 2, y try install an app from appstudio, but when i send to publish the app, i have a error message 


can not authenticate user


i attach the picture with error file, y try with others apps but the problem is the same.


The printer have other apps that were installed with another account, meybe this is the problem?


i can install apps in a printer  on a different accounts ?

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Moderator XAG Admin

Re: Can not authenticate user error when publish an app



This error usually means that the administrator credentials for your device are incorrect or not being recognized. Please try re-entering the administrator credentials for the device you are trying to install the app on. 

1. Go to App Studio and login

2. Select the Devices tab

3. Select the Edit icon next to the device

4. Clear and re-enter the Device Username and Device Password

5. Select Submit

6. Try to install the app on the device again


If this does not fix your issue, please let me know.



XAG Admin

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