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Xerox Employee
Xerox Employee

Current Issue: Resellers are unable add licenses to their account

Xerox App Studio is currently having connection issues with our licensing server starting ~8:40AM January 12th 2015 UTC.  We will post another message when the issue is resolved.  Until that time you are still able to use the system as normal and licenses already added to the system will continue to work.


Update 2:54 AM January 14, 2015 UTC, the system has now been restored to normal functionality. 

Update 2:38 PM January 14, 2015 UTC, the issue is not resolved.  

Update 12:00 AM January 15, 2015 UTC, the system has now been restored but with the potential for some instability.  More information will be posted when it is fully restored.

Update 4:20PM January 16, 2015 UTC, the connection to license server is still instable because of excessive traffic on the license server which has impacted Xerox App Studio's connection.

Update 6:27PM January 19, 2015 UTC, the license server connection appears to be stabilized so users should not see issues entering licenses anymore.

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