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normannmisund New Member
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Problems to add sub folder when scan to Shared Folders (SMB)


When scanning to Shared Folders the files ends at the Share-root (not in the document path)

Should I use "\" before or after document path?


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Xerox Employee XAS-Moderator
Xerox Employee

Re: Problems to add sub folder when scan to Shared Folders (SMB)



Please clarify that I understand the issue correctly.  

A Scan to Shared Folder app has been created and is configured to use nested folders (ie; //Felles/misnor). 

You can successfully scan files (ie; the job status is 'Job XXXX succeeded' at the device), but the scanned file goes into the Felles folder instead of the misnor folder.  Is that correct?


Scan to Shared Folder should work without the /, but try putting the slash (/) before the Document Path. 

I have  set up a Shared directory that has three levels of nested folders.  I have set up my Scan to Shared Folder both ways (with and without the slash) and both have scanned to the correct folder. 


If adding the slash does not correct the issue, here are a couple other things to check: 

- make sure that the folders are Shared and have been permissioned appropriately.  The Login Name has to have permission to write to the Shared Folder Destination.

- the Host Name should be the fully qualified host name/domain name for the device that you are sharing the folder from OR you could use the IP address for that device


Please post back and let us know if this was successful or if the file is still not going to the expected folder. 




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