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Agency Analyst
Agency Analyst

Scan to Multi-Destination add date to file name

Is it possible in the App Studio to have it add a time/date stamp?

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Jordan R.
Systems Analyst / Consultant
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Xerox Employee
Xerox Employee

Re: Scan to Multi-Destination add date to file name

Currently, our scanning applications do not support the automatic addition of the date to the document titles, as you indicate. The application does allow the user to manually add the date to the scanned document Title before scanning starts. To do this, select the Scan To folder and then select the OK button. The File Name edit option will be located on the Scan Settings tab. Selecting the File Name tile/button will allow the user to change or append information to the scanned file title. A feature request has been entered for the addition of an auto-generated date to scanned file names. The request will be reviewed and prioritized for inclusion into a release by the Program team. We appreciate the feedback!
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