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Xerox Employee
Xerox Employee

Unable to install App onto a device or unable to add a device when using Chrome.

Some users are reporting issues installing Apps and devices with the Chrome browser.


If you are using Chrome with version 38 or later, have the Xerox App Studio Device Connector version 1.2.8 or earlier, and you are seeing “"Error Contacting Device: Check device setup (EIP is disabled or check SNMP settings)” when installing an App or when installing an MFP you are seeing "[device ip] could not be added. Device does not exist, is down or disconnected, or is not a valid MFD" then you need to update your Xerox App Studio Device Connector.  This should occur automatically in Chrome. 


You can manual update the extension by uninstalling the extension.  To do this, go to Settings>Extensions and click on the trash can icon for the Xerox App Studio Device Connector to delete the extension.  Then login to Xerox App Studio and click on the devices tab to be prompted to install the new Xerox App Studio Device Connector.

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